Psychology 212: Introduction to Developmental Psychology

  • A child’s painting of the moon in the sky above the grass.
  • Screen shot of a timeline used to display information on childhood development.
  • Screen shot from a lesson page depicting text and videos.
  • Screen shot of text on a lesson page regarding the assessment of childhood development.

Project Description

PSYCH 212: Introduction to Developmental Psychology is designed to survey the basic history, theories, and concepts associated with the field of developmental psychology. Specifically, the physical, mental, social, and psychological development of humans from conception to adolescence is studied.

The topics range from looking at biological systems and their effects on our behavior (e.g., How do hormones affect babies or teenagers?) to social and cognitive behaviors that affect how we develop and interact with other people (e.g., Why do babies develop stranger anxiety?). This course is a
great way to survey all the topics that are included in understanding how children develop.

In order to demonstrate the three parallel types of the development process, a timeline tool is used to concurrently display and demonstrate developmental milestones. To assist students with understanding how the three types of development are interdependent, they complete scenario-based assessments of the major stages of development.

Project Features

  • Interactive timeline to demonstrate and explain developmental milestones
  • Scenario-based assessments that replicate authentic professional situations

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