Eunsung Park

Graduate Assistant

Eunsung is a graduate assistant at Learning Design. Currently, she is a full-time doctoral student in Learning, Design, & Technology.

Eunsung assisted with developing a World Campus Italian course during summer 2015. Previously, she was an instructional designer for Designers for Learning and worked on a General Educational Development (GED) test for students in underprivileged educational environments. She also worked as a teaching assistant for a massive open online course offered through Penn State. Since obtaining her master's degree, she has researched predictors of reading progress to support special education teachers and students (deaf or hard of hearing students). Currently, she is working on a quantitative investigation that considers the relationship of item-by-item feedback and monitoring (a factor in self-regulated learning; metacognition).

When not at work, Eunsung loves to paint and enjoys coffee, music, and movies.

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