Rick Shearer D.Ed., MBA

Director of LMS Conversion

Dr. Shearer has been involved in the field of distance education for over 25 years. In his administrative and instructional design roles, he has developed distance education courses for computer based instruction, educational television, traditional print correspondence courses, two-way interactive video, and the Internet. Dr. Shearer has worked for both private and public institutions of higher education and has consulted on distance education projects with community colleges and public school systems. His research interests include systems dynamic modeling of distance education processes, learner control in distance education, content/interaction analysis, and current policy issues surrounding accreditation and copyright law. Dr. Shearer has published several articles and book chapters on the field of distance education and presented at numerous conferences. His most recent book looks at the theoretical aspects of transactional distance and dialogue in relation to the theory of transactional distance by Michael G. Moore.

Dr. Shearer currently serves on the editorial board for the New Zealand Journal of Distance Learning and the advisory board for UW-Madison’s Distance Education Professional Development (DEPD) unit. He also has been active with the UPCEA Distance Learning Community of Practice for five years.

When not engaged with his professional pursuits, you can find him on the ski hill working as a volunteer for the Lounsbury Adaptive Ski School or sailing in the tropics.

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